Veterinary Virtual Client Consultation

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Veterinary Virtual Client Consultation


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Receive Pet Care from Home

Summerfields Animal Hospital is now offering remote healthcare services for our existing clients with PetDesk! With the PetDesk mobile app you can easily send virtual consultation requests to us whenever your pet is sick or injured.                                  

     To get started, download the PetDesk app on the iTunes or Google Play store and create your personal profile and your pets (pictures encouraged!). When you need us, create a consultation request detailing your pet’s issue. Upload any pictures or videos, instant message, and talk with us face to face through a video conference call to help get your pet feeling better again. We look forward to talking with you soon.                           

***Only available for existing Summerfields Animal Hospital clients and patients.


Talk to your vet about what's wrong by describing the issue in the consultation. You can upload pictures and videos to the consultation, instant message, and talk with your vet face to face through a video conference call.

Create a new consultation with the following steps: 

1.Create a new consultation. 

2. Include a written summary and details. 

3. Add pictures and videos. 

4. Submit case. 

5. Submit a $62.00 consultation payment through Venmo @SummerfieldsAnimalHospital or use the QR code below: 

Venmo QR Code

7. Our veterinarian will reach out to you within 2 hours of the requested consultation once payment has been confirmed. 

Download the PetDesk App