Summerfields Animal Hospital / Boarding & Daycare

Summerfields Animal Hospital

4536 North Tarrant Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76244


Boarding and Daycare


Summerfields Animal Hospital’s Pet Hotel and Day Spa is a fear free resort vacation for dogs, cats and exotics which combines homestyle amenities with recreational activity. Our inviting, state-of-the-art facility features a clean, secure and fun-filled environment that meets and exceeds all boarding, daycare and grooming industry standards. All while providing owners incomparable peace-of-mind and competitive rates.


Summerfields Animal Hospital’s Pet Hotel Boarding Rates:


A Leisure Suite $20.00/day

A Preferred Suite $24.00/day

A Presidential Club Suite $40.00/day

Feline Suite $ 19.00/day

Please call for daycare pricing and options.



Attributes Summerfields Animal Hospital Facility #2 Facility #3 Facility #4
Guests Dogs, Cats, Exotics Dogs Dogs Social Dogs Only
Staff Qualifications Veterinarian, Technicians, Certified Staff Certified Technician None
Fun & Activity Options Day Camp, Extensive Guest Services Menu walks only salsk only day camp only
Dining Hills/Science Diet Iams Biljac Iams
Guest Rooms Glass/Wrought Iron Doors, Stress and Noise Reduction, Ambient “For a Dog’s Ears” Music, Television, Web Cam, Orthopedic cots, Surfaced floors Chain Link Fencing Chain Link Fencing Chain Link Fencing
Housekeeping Daily Maid and Linen Service None Accidents Only Accidents Only
Disease Control Specialized Air Filtration and Sanitation Systems, Artificial Turf Lawn with Regular Sanitation None None None
Fear Free Improvement FELIWAY® Plug-ins, Adaptil™ Plug-ins, Through A Dog’s Ear Ambient Music Calming Series,  Anxiety Veterinary  Consultations (if Needed) None None None
Security/Safety 24-Hour Security Video Surveillance, Custom ID collars, 6 Foot Secure Fencing, Daytime Caretaker 6 foot fencing daytime watch 6 foot fencing
Veterinary Pet Care 2 Veterinarian on staff 1 none none
Customer Convenience (Hours per weekday) 11 8.5 6.5 6.5
Hours Animal Care/Day 11 hours continuous care 10 hours intermittent 6 hours intermittent 8 hours intermittent
Lowest Rate $19 $41 $27 $29
Price/Hr of Pet Care $1.72/hour $4.82/hour $4.15/hour $4.46/hour
Luxury Suites $3.6-3.70/hour n/a n/a n/a