Veterinary Second Opinions

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Second Opinions


Take Charge of Your Pet’s Healthcare

Summerfields Animal Hospital is there for you when you seek a second opinion. A second opinion is a visit to a veterinarian other than the one your pet has previously been seeing in order to get a differing point-of-view. Second opinions may be sought by clients for their pets under the following circumstances:

  • A veterinarian recommends a medical or surgical procedure.
  • Your pet had been diagnosed with a serious illness (such as cancer) that the owner does not believe they have.
  • A veterinarian has recommended a treatment for your pet other than what you believe is necessary.
  • You believe your pet has a condition that a veterinarian has failed to diagnose. In some cases, the veterinarian may be the one to recommend the second opinion due to a lack of equipment (for example ultrasound).
  • A veterinarian themself recommends a second opinion.